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tv   Nancy Grace  HLN  August 15, 2009 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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we begin tonight with breaking news out of north georgia where the desperate search is on for a young mother in extreme danger. she sets out for her usual evening walk near the family home. a cell phone glued to her ear as she chats casually with her boyfriend, but then something goes terribly wrong. out of nowhere the boyfriend hears a struggle. he hears it with his own ears as he and his girlfriend are talking on the phone and then the call is cut short. she vanishes. k-9s, volunteers and multiple law enforcement agencies are
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combing the north georgia mountains right now in the search for kristi cornwell. >> kristi cornwell walking along a remote area tuesday a walk she has taken many times for exercise. she's on the phone with her boyfriend and all of a sudden he hears her say, "don't take me." the line drops and she hasn't been seen since. >> she was abducted in a vehicle and removed from the area. that speaks for itself. she is in danger. >> authorities are stopping all cars on and around joans creek road asking drivers if they saw anything tuesday night. detectives are tracking down and interviewing registered sex offenders across four counties. >> we have several promising leads that we are pursuing, but we have not focused in on a suspect. >> 38-year-old kristi is described as a good girl who adores her 15-year-old son, is close to her family and would never just disappear and let them suffer like this.
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>> we really want her back and we'd appreciate it if they would have mercy on her and to understand that we need her back. and also tonight, a beautiful florida newlywed races home to find police swarming around the couple's quarter million dollar condo. police break the news. her new husband has been murdered. the bride, breaking down in tears over her just-murdered husband, but little does she know the crime scene is fake and the police are stinging her on video. why? because just hours earlier she allegedly hired a hitman to kill her husband, but in a stunning twist, it is the bride's alleged secret lover who tips off cops, saving her husband's life.
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police say she thought she'd gotten away with it. boynton beach police say that dalia dippolito tried to pay a hitman $3,000 to kill her husband. turns out that hitman was an undercover police officer tipped off by a confidential informant. the report says the two met several times in a parking lot at a cvs and in a gas station. when the officer asked if she was sure she wanted it done, she replied, quote, i'm not going to change my mind. i'm 5,000% sure i want it done. >> the man allegedly targeted for a murder for hire plot by his own wife is speaking out and a judge ordered suspect dalia dippolito to stay away from her husband of six months. >> although they had evidence against her taken days earlier, boynton beach police clued michael in and staged a murder scene at the couple's town home capturing the grieving wife and minutes later flipping the script on her. >> problem? uh-oh, the hitman is a cop. >> i didn't do anything, and i
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didn't plot anything. >> they're breaking the news to her. all of the cops know she set the thing up according to them. according to this cop that she's trying to hug, he barely got the words out -- your husband -- and she started wailing, like she had anticipated the bad news. another cop says no matter how much she wailed, she couldn't squeeze out a tear. good evening, i'm jean casarez of the legal network "in session" in for nancy grace. nancy, she is not too far away. she is promoting her new great novel tonight. she's going to be on "the larry king show" live tonight in one hour from now on cnn at 9:00 eastern. tune in and watch anderson cooper as he chats with nancy about her new book, "the eleventh victim" and all of the other stories making headlines. nancy and anderson cooper tonight one hour from now on
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cnn. right now to north georgia, and the desperate search for a young mother in extreme danger. >> we really want her back and we'd appreciate it if you'd have mercy on her. >> she is 38-year-old kristi cornwell of blaresville, last seen walking on joans creek road tuesday night at 9:00. gbi investigators say she was on her cell phone talking with her boyfriend in atlanta. >> he overheard her tell him i have to step off the road and there's a vehicle approaching and then he hears what he believes to be a struggle and loses contact with her. >> now a detailed search of the entire area, particularly the spot where investigators found some of kristi's personal items. they won't give specifics, but say some of the things they found indicate there was a struggle. >> they have brought in bloodhounds to help with the search. they have 100 people there on the scene. >> in most cases when there's an actual abduction by a stranger, the victim has been sexually
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molested, assaulted and then killed. >> i plead to the public, anyone out there who has seen anything, heard anything or even think they may have seen anything now is the time to call. >> all right. let's go straight out to eric jens. he is a reporter for wrga news radio standing by live in atlanta. eric, tell us what has happened here. >> thank you very much. basically, the possibilities are virtually limitless based on the information that's being released at this time. 38-year-old mother of a 15-year-old son, kristi cornwell disappears thursday night while out exercising, going on a long walk through a rural area and disappeared. the last known contact was with the boyfriend in atlanta, and he was on the cell phone with her at the time when he appears to be in distress. hears a struggle going on. the last thing he reports hearing is her saying "don't take me" and then he loses the connection, and there's no sign
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of her since then. >> so, you're saying when she was out exercising a couple of nights ago, right? that she's on the phone with her boyfriend. walk us through this again. >> yeah. it's about 9:00 at night. it's just getting dark outside and she's been known to do this according to family and friends that she's out exercising and it's just getting cool out. it's a rural area and not particularly dangerous except that if you're out there all by yourself and something does happen to you, there are not a lot of witnesses around that will be able to help you out. >> to matt zarrell, nancy grace producer, once the phone call was cut short between her and her boyfriend, what happened then? did her boyfriend call 911? >> immediately, jean. he called police immediately and the police came on scene along with the georgia bureau of investigation. they found evidence of her belongings there, and they also found evidence of a struggle, but they won't comment on the details. >> what did the boyfriend say he actually heard transpire. they're on the phone, casual conversation. what happened? >> well, he says that she said a car was pulling up to her and as he was on the phone with her he said that he heard signs of a struggle.
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we don't know exactly what it was, but he also reportedly heard screaming and he reportedly heard her say "don't take me" and that's when the phone call cut off. >> to cheryl mccullom, analyst and author of "cold case squad," pine lake p.d., you are in georgia. what are you hearing about this case tonight? >> we've got multiple agencies involved. the gbi is involved and the georgia state patrol and the union county sheriff's department is involved, and dnr and the other local agencies helping with k-9 and air and on the ground. it's a full-on, widespread search. >> here's my concern, cheryl. when she and her boyfriend, when kristi and her boyfriend are talking and the call is cut short. he immediately calls 911. i understand gbi, georgia bureau of investigation, was in union county and this is 100 miles out of atlanta, they were in the area investigating a homicide, but they couldn't find anybody. that's so concerning. they were so close and the 911 call made so quickly.
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what are your thoughts on that. >> well, there was a car involved, jean. so, immediately, they have to get her out of there as well as themselves, and they were gone in matter of moments. the most concerning thing to me is she immediately says don't take me. she doesn't say don't hurt me. she doesn't say you can have whatever i've got. so she knew this was not a sexual assault and this was not a robbery. she knew she was fixing to be abducted. >> let's go to the attorney susan moss, family law attorney and child advocate out of new york. welcome, susan. hugo rodriguez, defense attorney and former fbi agent. i may call upon that expertise tonight out of miami and mickey sherman, criminal defense attorney, author of the best-selling book "how can you defend these people." first of all, to susan moss. it's been reported that no money was taken, meaning an atm was not gone to to get money out of her account at all. we don't know what she had on her. she was merely doing a little exercise close to her home, but what does that say to you, if
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anything. >> it's not good. it says what they wanted was her. she was grabbed on her walk while she was trying to talk, yet another reason why i don't exercise, and it is so important for the authorities to step in here and do whatever they can to solve this case. bring back a sense of security for this community. if anyone can be taken off of any street at any time, we as a community, no one is safe. >> to hugo rodriguez, defense attorney, former fbi agent, you know, there is a recording. the last person who heard her talk was that boyfriend. there is a phone recording that he listened to, he heard. is there any way that police, with the cell phone, can trace things? this was a cell phone that was on at the time of her disappearance. >> i think it will be difficult without having her cell phone. he will be able to do something with his cell phone. unfortunately, he probably did not record what he was hearing because that could always be
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amplified for background and some other things, but i think under these circumstances it will be very, very difficult. >> to eric jens, wrga news radio in atlanta. have they found her cell phone? >> there is no word as to whether that cell phone has been discovered at this time. of course, that is one of the major items they have been looking for since the start of this. >> what did they say was left at the scene? >> we don't know specifically what was left other than they were articles that she would have had on her while she was exercising and walking through the area. just the way they were scattered it would appear it coincided with the story that there was a struggle at that site. >> investigators were saying there was evidence of a struggle because of what was left at the scene and following the break, we want to go into that. what shows, truly that there was evidence of a struggle and we'll look at that when we come back in this breaking news out of georgia. >> kristi's cell phone was on as she's being abducted.
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>> that's an enormous clue. i mean, from what i've learned was that she did initially say to her boyfriend that there's a car coming. let me step off the roadway and from that point, from what i've been told is that there was some sort of a struggle.
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kristi cornwell, walking along a remote area tuesday, a walk she's taken many times for exercise near her parents' home. 38-year-old talks to her boyfriend on the phone. he hears the concern in her voice as she sees a car approach. the last thing he hears, she's screaming and says, "don't take me." the line goes dead, and she hasn't been seen since. >> from the evidence that's been collected thus far by all agencies involved, it does indicate an abduction and gbi is using that word. >> she was abducted and placed in a vehicle and removed from the area. that speaks for itself. she is in danger. >> we plead that they would have mercy on her and return her safely back to her family, and we just want to say that we need her and she has a 15-year-old son that needs her very much.
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>> i'm jean casarez of the legal network "in session" in for nancy grace tonight. when this show is over tonight don't you go anywhere because nancy will be on "larry king live" tonight on cnn at 9:00 eastern time, tune in. you will watch one full hour of anderson cooper and nancy grace talking about her new book "the eleventh victim" and other stories making headlines. nancy and anderson on "larry king live" right after this show. an extremely important case coming out of an alleged abduction of a young mother as she is exercising near her home one night. to dr. marty mckarey and physician and professor of public health john hopkins out of washington, d.c., they're saying, investigators are saying that personal items were left at the scene of this abduction as law enforcement is calling it, and it showed evidence of a struggle. explain that to me.
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>> well, jane, from a medical forensic standpoint, the most clear-cut evidence of a struggle is going to be fingernail fragments or full-length hairs. that can often be a sign that there must have been a struggle and nothing else. there's recent evidence from research at arizona university that shows now we can sort of profile somebody based on dna. so if there was someone else's dna on the scene, we can develop a sort of broad, general profile of hair color, eye color and maybe height and it's almost ready for prime time. >> boy, that is fascinating. >> we want to remind everybody exactly. we want to give you a description of kristi cornwell. she is 38 years old, 5'5", 150 pounds, dark, shoulder-length hair. she was wearing a white t-shirt and tan shorts, and she was talking with her boyfriend on the phone when she was abducted. we're taking your calls live to shannon in utah. good evening, shannon. your question. >> caller: yes, jean, i was wondering if cell phone records
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or pings can verify that she was speaking to her boyfriend that was in the area and also did he actually call from atlanta, the 911 call. >> that's what we're hearing. let's go out to the crime analyst right there in the state of georgia where this is all happening. what about it? pings from cell phones can tell so much. >> absolutely. they already know whether or not he was in atlanta, and they know how long the telephone call lasted and they have verified that for sure. and they also know if the pings have stopped or whether her phone was either damaged or the battery has run out. >> to mickey sherman, criminal defense attorney, here's my question. investigators are keeping so much information close to the vest.
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they're not releasing what was found near where she was allegedly abducted. they're not releasing anything that may have been in the phone call that her boyfriend heard. they've got to find her. there is still time that they can find her before something happens. why do you think they're working the investigation in that way? >> that's what they're supposed to do. we were spoiled or dis-spoiled by the fact that whenever these cases come out in florida, we know every little bit about every little bit of evidence and that contains the prosecution when it comes down to the trial, but what i hope they're not doing is being myopic and doing a regular, let's look at all of the sex offenders within a 15-mile radius and concentrate on them. this looks like someone that's not likely involved in hanky panky. she does not look like a drug person or psychotic or whatever and unfortunately, the profilers and law enforcement people tell you that once you are taken into custody by some maniac your chances of surviving go down real, real, real far. >> that's right. that's why i think everyone is so concerned. time is of the essence. to susan moss, very, very quickly here. already, a crime has been committed. you would call it kidnapping if this is an abduction and many times someone wants to eliminate a witness. we'll get your thoughts on that right after the break because an elimination of a witness can
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give motive to murder. right now missing persons case. we want to change course right now. are you guilty of being nancy grace's number one fan? plead your case and send us your story as to why that fan is you. we're looking for standout stories and if your e-mail or i-report makes you win an autographed copy of nancy's new book "the eleventh victim" and a chance to fly out to new york city and come to meet nancy here on the set. go to
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here's what we know about kristi cornwell. she grew up in union county. she was once a probation officer for the state. but she's now back in school studying medical lab technology, and she has a 15-year-old son. >> many locals here knew about kristi's habits to go for an evening walk near her mother's home on joans creek road. it was so hot during the day she waited until dusk. tuesday night she was on her
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cell phone with her boyfriend. he heard a scuffle, a cry for help and then nothing. >> we really want her back and we'd appreciate it if they would have mercy on her. >> i'm jean casarez of the legal network "in session "in for nancy grace. tune in to cnn at 9:00 eastern time, just a little more than 30 minutes from now, you can watch nancy grace on "larry king live." for one hour anderson cooper and nancy will chat about her new book "the eleventh victim" in stores now and plus the other stories of the day. it's nancy grace and anderson cooper on "larry king live" on cnn tonight right after this show. you do not want to miss this. what about if you were talking to someone on the phone, a loved one on the cell phone and all of a sudden you hear them scream and there's a struggle and they say "don't take me" and you realize your loved one has been abducted. what would you do? out to susan moss, attorney out of new york. you know, susan, mickey sherman
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is taking the prosecution stance tonight saying it's proper to not let too much information out on the investigation and i understand that, but as attorneys we all know there's one thing that could have come from this scene and it would be tire impressions along a country road, tire impressions and you can find out through investigation what kind of car allegedly abducted this young lady. >> absolutely. we need to know that now because if she can identify this, her chances of being released are low. we don't have the ability to sit around and wait. i disagree with mickey. i think they should release all of the evidence that they have now so that the community can act as a third eye for the law enforcement, and we can get whatever clues that any citizens have seen to the proper authorities so we can help solve this crime immediately, because the longer the amount of time elapses, the less of a chance we're going to have a happy ending. >> patricia saunders, very, very quickly. there are no reports of anyone
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else being bothered in the area. your thoughts on that? >> someone might have known her routine that she took this walk every night. she was a probation officer in the past, perhaps someone seeking revenge. >> and we will follow this case. >> keep hope alive, and we will continue to do so, until we find her.
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a newlywed in boynton beach, florida, accused of hiring a hitman to kill her husband. they'd only been married six months, but police say dalia dippolito unknowingly hired an undercover cop to do the job. police then plan this elaborate sting operation, faking her husband's death, calling her to the staged murder scene. they catch her entire tearful reaction on tape.
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in the end, she's arrested and she comes face-to-face with not only the hitman, but her husband who is alive and well. >> there was a lot of sobbing and her arm waivering, trembling, but there was no wetness in her eyes. she was emotional, over the top, hysterical how you would react if you thought someone was dead. stone cold expressionless as she stood before a judge. she's actually at her mom's house right now. that is where she is going to be on house arrest. >> she met with a undercover officer, in a parking lot outside of the cvs and she was asked numerous times by this undercover, are you sure you want to do this. at one point she laughed and said i will be very happy. >> here is a woman who is saying she's 5,000% sure. she wants to pay for her husband to be killed and then at the scene you have a woman who is sobbing uncontrollably, because she's just learned that her husband is dead. >> she also said i'm not going
1:32 am
to change my mind. i'm 5,000% sure i want it done. when i set my mind to something i get it done. >> okay. she's walking up. she's gotten a call at the l.a. fitness center to come home immediately. okay. look at the other cop. this is what i like. they all know he's not dead. >> oh, god! no! no! >> they're all looking away and looking at the ground. uh-oh, scratching his head. it must be a very painful moment for her. work it! work it! cry! okay. it's about time she should bend over with abdominal pain. she's about to collapse out of grief. look at all of the cops just staring at her. somebody please take her -- take her so we can book her.
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>> please! no! no, please! >> tell us everything you know about who he's connected to. >> please! please! >> i'm jean casares of the legal network "in session" in for nancy grace. nancy is not too far away. she is going to be on "larry king live" tonight on cnn at 9:00 p.m. eastern. she is going to be on for the full hour. you have to tune in. anderson is going to talk to her about her new book "the eleventh victim" and other stories making headlines. it will be nancy grace and anderson cooper tonight on cnn, "larry king live." but now we take you to florida, a case that if it wasn't so real we could laugh, but it is real help michael dippolito, according to police, is lucky to be alive tonight. let's talk about the developments in this case.
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do you know, to investigative reporter out of miami, i understand that the conditions for release of dalia dippolito, they've been modified, haven't they? >> yes, they have. there was an agreed order by the judge in the criminal case and there were several cases ongoing and this was an agreed order reflecting an agreement reached between the state attorney and defense attorneys who had been involved, mind you, in the initial conditions of bond that were set last week. the new element here is that an attorney for the intended victim, michael dippolito, himself, was also involved in agreeing to these conditions and they are somewhat more stringent nan the ones initially imposed. >> what are they? >> well, dalia dippolito is not permitted to come within 500 yards of the home that is now exclusively owned and exclusively occupied -- pardon me, not exclusively owned, but exclusively occupied by michael dippolito. she is not permitted to have any weapons. she is not permitted interestingly to work. she is not permitted to leave the home other than for attorneys and doctor's appointments, and those must be
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cleared in advance by the palm beach county sheriff's office. >> okay. so she can't leave the home and she can't have weapons, and she has her ankle monitor on her. to ellie jos ta a djostad, nanc producer. let's talk about this because, how did it all begin as far as what police are saying dalia talked to someone about allegedly wanting her husband killed? >> right. this started just about two weeks ago. a confidential informant came to the police and said that he had information that dalia dippolito wanted her husband dead. he called the police that very night that he was told about it by her. the next day he meets with dalia dippolito. he tells her, yeah, okay. they act like this plan is going to go forward. she gives him $1,200 and says hire a hitman for me, buy a gun. he then, of course, is working with police. that's all been recorded, that
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conversation. two days later, she meets with an undercover cop who she thinks is a hitman. again, they go over the plan. she agrees to pay him $3,000 after her husband has been murdered. she says that he'll have $10,000 on him and the hitman is welcome to that money. the next night the hitman calls her and says leave the house by 6:00 a.m. and that's when it will all go down. so she leaves wednesday morning and goes to the gym and that's when this whole fake crime scene is staged and that's when her husband's informed and then we see the video when she's told of what happened. >> you know, ellie, there is so much of this on test. we're talking about av, audio/visual, cars were rigged up according to law enforcement, i'm sure with warrants to allow for the audio and visual recordings of all of these conversation, because investigators and district attorneys offices, they want to get their case in alignment, so when it goes the trial, if it goes to trial, they will have all of the evidence. a very special guest tonight, john sabatino. he is a friend of michael dippolito. first of all, your friend is very lucky to be alive tonight, correct? >> yes, that is correct.
1:37 am
we're all very happy that the police did an excellent job. >> how is he doing? is he still in shock? >> somewhat in shock and then he's busy with lawyers and things of that nature and just resting at home at this point. >> is he scared of his wife since she has been released on bail? >> not particularly fearful, i don't think, but -- >> well, enough to take out a temporary restraining order, right? and then there will be a hearing on tuesday to make it a permanent restraining order. >> exactly. >> so there has to be a bit of concern. they're talking about now and it's in one of his legal papers that this informant that dalia talked to about allegedly wanting her husband killed was actually a brand new boyfriend. what do you know about that? >> brand new boyfriend. well, that i really don't know and i don't even know if mike knows that.
1:38 am
>> did you ever meet dalia? >> excuse me? >> did you ever meet dalia? >> yes, i did. i met her in december. >> tell me about her. >> she seemed to be, you know, a go-getter type of girl that was probably a good match for mike. at that point, you know, nobody really had any suspicion that things were going to turn bad. >> once they were married did she earn a living? >> i do not know. i really don't know that at this point. >> how did mike earn a living? >> mike works out of his home. >> doing what? >> with the internet. >> with the internet. all right. >> right. >> all right. let's go out the hugo rodriguez, defense attorney, former fbi agent. i understand that you, actually in your work as an fbi agent were responsible for actually posing as a hitman in some cases?
1:39 am
>> that's true. when it became a federal offense in 1986 to have someone cross interstate lines to perpetrate a murder, myself and my partner were the first fbi hitmen, and similar scenarios we are talking about in this case, we set up all over the country. >> all right. to mickey sherman, defense attorney, author, "how can you defend these people?" how do you defend this, mickey, because everything is on tape. it's not entrapment. >> no, it's not. you have to understand something about the process. the process of hiring a hitman is inherently flawed. because who do you go to the hire to kill someone? somebody you think is a bad person. and that bad person is usually a criminal, and that criminal is usually someone who has one or two cases pending, so as soon as you approach them, they run to the feds and the local and state police to make a deal and get themselves out of trouble. and that is what happened to her.
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>> it is 10:50, and i should have been dead at like 9:00. just divorce me and take
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no! no! >> did he have any enemies? >> detectives say they received a tip about dalia's plan. she had been dealing with an undercover police officer posing as a hitman. >> the report says the two met several times in a parking lot at a cvs and at a gas station. when the officer asked if she was sure she wanted it done. she replied, quote, i'm not going to change my mind. i'm 5,000% sure i want it done. >> michael dippolito and his wife met less than a year ago. he's now 38, she's 26. they were married six months ago. strange things started happening. money went missing and threatening notes were left on his car.
1:44 am
he says now that makes sense, but it is far different than his wife trying to kill him. >> there was a lot of funny stuff going on. i overlooked a lot of things, you know, and you try and see the best in people, not the worst. i feel a little bad, but i mean, there's no reason she had to do this. >> okay. meryl streep, watch out. here's an oscar-winning performance. all of the cops standing by. they've got the yellow crime scene tape up. they claim a witness saw an assailant running from the home. she's just come from her workout there on the elliptical at l.a. fitness. and the cops are drinking it all in. scratching the ear. yeah, we feel bad for you. >> please! >> you want to help your husband you need to go. >> and she's charged with solicitation of murder. that's a first-degree felony in the state of florida.
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i'm jean casarez of the legal network "in session" in for nancy grace. nancy is on "larry king live" tonight. she's very close, down the hall on cnn, at 9:00 eastern time just a few minutes from now. so turn to cnn and check out anderson cooper as he talks to nancy grace about her new thriller "the eleventh victim," out in stores now and other stories that are making headlines. that's nancy and anderson on cnn's "larry king live." let's go out to annie in florida. what's your question? >> caller: well, i have a comment, first of all, i don't know what good a restraining order was going to do. it's not like she was going to send someone to do it. who's to say that she can't get on the phone and call somebody else. and my second is a comment that after seeing her with the police, i'm waiting for someone to say, "and the oscar for the best actress goes to --"
1:46 am
>> annie, you have good comments. to an investigative reporter is right well in florida. it's very true she wasn't going to do it herself. don't you know that police were watching any move and monitoring phone calls she's made. >> well, she very certainly is under very close scrutiny right now. but it is an interesting point that the caller makes. michael dippolito and attorneys have expressed concerns about her being out on bond at all even prior to the agreed adjustment to the terms of her release and clearly, they're concerned that this is someone who remains a danger if not to the community at large, then certainly to the man that she's alleged to have wanted to have killed. >> and there's word they may go to court for a motion to revoke bail at all. >> to susan moss, family law attorney out of new york. i am still perplexed about the motive here, because at this point investigators are saying the motive is money. because she had the deed to this condo which was a quarter of a million dollars put in her name alone. he agreed to it shortly, before
1:47 am
this all happened, but her name was already on the deed so she owned half of it. is it worth it to kill somebody to get the whole condo instead of half the condo? >> no, but she tricked him the day before this all went down into taking the entire condo and putting it into her name. the woman's motivation was money. this case is so airtight that even a child advocate/family law attorney could prosecute and win this case and that's not saying much. >> all right, susan. patricia saunders, clinical psychologist, on a serious note, who would plan something like this, to kill someone that you just married and you're supposed to love? >> i think this is a good case for not all psychopaths or genius, brilliant hannibal lecters. i'm afraid this is a case of diagnosis dumb. >> to hugo rodriguez, defense attorney and former fbi agent, you have posed as a hitman. walk us through it, okay? you can't make this entrapment so you have to be careful of what you say.
1:48 am
when you meet with somebody, that you understand wants to kill someone they know or love. what do you say to them? >> well, let me just tell you the flaw that will be in this case. we don't know the relationship between the alleged boyfriend. we don't know what their conversations were before. we don't know who initially hatched the plan and the flaw in these things as mickey said is the background. the victim is a convicted felon. he's got a past. i'm saying that the issue will be how it originated and whose thought process originated and made the scheme go forward. there's no doubt that he went to the authorities after, but there will be no record of what that informant told, you know, mrs. dippolito. that will be the issue initially and the defense will be based on that. >> very good point. the case is not as cut and dry as one may think. to michelle in nebraska. what's your question.
1:49 am
>> caller: hi. thank you for taking my call. >> of course. >> caller: i was wondering if anyone at the gym can recall her behavior while working out. for example, if she seemed nervous, anxious, kept looking at a clock or anything like that. >> to ellie jostad, nancy grace producer, any word on her demeanor that morning when she left the house? >> no. that is actually a really good question. we haven't heard from anyone at the gym yet although her husband, the would-be victim in this case claims before she left for the gym she promised she'd bring him back starbucks. >> isn't that ironic because it is that thai actually met at a starbucks and for someone that maybe didn't work, starbucks takes money, right? that's an interesting aspect to this case. to be continued a lot more in this case. it's not over because she has now been charged with solicitation for murder. and now tonight's "cnn heroes." i was coming from college at night and i see this computer thrown out. i found everything was perfect. so many computers are thrown out, and so much computers are needed where i grew up in kenya,
1:50 am
so, i said, i must do something. my name is jude ndambuki and i refurbish discarded computers and send them to schools in kenya. the children in kenya have very few resources. even a pencil is very hard to get. anything ki i can do to make th life great, i will do. and we will put a name on each box and ship it to kenya. the computers are saved from poisoning the environment, and they are going to be used for 20 years by some schools. every school is going to plant 100 trees for every computer. we are planting a seed to teach the kids to love the environment and be engines of change. ♪
1:51 am
>> it is like, these are the kids, and they are getting a new life, and the computers are getting a new life and the trees are getting a new life, too. it is all connected. -- captions by vitac --
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after starting the book ten years ago, launching her show on hln, marriage, two beautiful twins, nancy's new novel, "the eleventh victim" is finally in bookstores now. >> the book, "eleventh victim" is finally in the bookstores. portion of my proceeds goes toward wesley glen ministries. here is a check for $25,000 from the book proceeds. and i promise you, there will be more. a special thank you to the "today" show host, kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. and thanks to friend of the show, headline news, jane velez-mitchell.
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and to everyone, i hope you like the book. and tonight let's stop to remember army sergeant john allen, 25 years old from palmdale, california. he was awarded the bronze star and the purple heart. an army medic, his friends called him doc. he loved piano and art. he finished a portrait of his wife when he lost his life. his best friend's baby boy is named in allen's honor. he leaves behind parents kelly and richard. twin sister amanda. widow and high school sweetheart, aspen. john allen, american hero. thank you so much to all of our guests and you for being at home with us. good night from florida friends of the show, steven and 14-year-old devon who dreams of being a video game designer. see you tomorrow night 8:00 sharp eastern. tune into cnn right now, just minutes. we'll see you tomorrow night. anderson cooper, nancy grace next on cnn.
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